Divine Katz Persians
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Available Kittens/Adults

3All of our kittens & adults will be spayed & neutered before going home with their new families, unless placed in show/breeder homes.

No Exceptions!

Available Kittens



Black/white male

DOB 5/15/17

Adoption fee $500


Red/white female

DOB 5/15/17

Adoption fee $600


Black/white male

DOB 5/15/17

Adoption fee $500

Available Adults


Cream/white male

Adoption fee $400

DOB 10/9/16
Caelan & Ian are brothers and very close. For this reason we ask that they be adopted together.

Cream/high white male
Adoption fee $400
 DOB 10/9/16
Ian & Caelan are brothers and very close. For this reason we ask that they be adopted together.


Black/white van

Born 4/25/16

Adoption fee $400


Brown Mac Tabby & White male

Born 5/20/15

Adoption fee $300


Dilute Calico

Born 5/3/14

Adoption fee $300



Red/white female

Born 11/1/13

Adoption fee $300


Black/white van

Born 5/7/12

Adoption fee $250

Dominate Calico
Born 4/7/11
Adoption fee $300


paw_red_kl_r1              paw_red_kl_r1


Please fill out our application at the bottom of this page and please include your contact information so we may respond back to you in a timely manner.

Please contact us at: divinekatz@hotmail.com if you do not hear back from us within a few hours.

Deposits taken to hold kittens is $300. This deposit is
non-refundable because once a kitten is marked "sold" no further inquiries are taken. You can visit with your baby when they are six weeks old. This is such a fun age when they start running around and playing with each other.

We accept cash only, no personal checks please.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list for future kittens, please contact us. We do ask for a non-refundable $300 hold deposit which will be applied toward the adoption price. Your deposit is transferable so if you don't choose a kitten in the current litter, you can apply your deposit to the next litter and so on until you decide. 

  We will not place a kitten/adult with a family who intends to declaw or allow them outdoors for any reason. 

Please understand that we are not a pet store, the kittens and adults available for adoption are our babies that live in our home as family members. We do not place them in just any home.  We want to find the perfect forever home for each and everyone of them. This is why we want to know about you and how the kitten or adult will fit into your family and life.

As a hobby breeder, our main concern is the welfare of any kitten we cause to be born. We want all our babies to go to forever homes with the love and care they each deserve. If ever you are unable to care for one of our babies, contact us immediately. We do not want any of our cats to end up homeless or in a shelter.  

Remember, many animals are in need of love and homes. In your search for a forever friend, do not forget to check your local animal shelters.

paw_red_kl_r1     paw_red_kl_r1

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."


We will contact you back after we have received your application. If accepted, we will set up a time for you & your family to visit.

Please make sure you fill out all required fields or the form will not submit or reach us.

Thank you

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Are you familiar with how to care for a Persian? *
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Do you feel it is ok to declaw cats? *
Should cats ever be allowed outdoors for any reason? *
How many kittens or adults are you interested in? *
Do you prefer a male or female? *
Do you have a particular color or pattern you are looking for? *
When would you like to bring your new kitten or adult home? *
Comments: Please tell us as much about yourself and your family to give us an idea of who our babies will be living with. Thank you *



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